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TS4 Sim: Suzy Wan par Nicole (Cedric13)

 Jeune Adulte

TS4 Sim: Poupée par Nicole (Cedric13)

Jeune Adulte 

TS4 Sim: Pascale par Nicole (Cedric13)

TS4 Sim: Laura par Nicole (Cedric13)


TS4 Sim: Naïs par Nicole (Cedric13)

 Jeune Adulte

TS4 Sim: Lolita par Nicole (Cedric13)

  (Personnage du roman de Nabokov )

TS4 Sim: Roxane par Nicole (Cedric13)

Jeune Adulte 

TS4 Sim: Suzon par Nicole (Cedric13)

  jeune Adulte

TS4 Sim: Sydney Martin by Thomas J Chee (TheReds)

Created in honor of the victims; their families and their friends of the siege at the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place, Sydney, Australia on Monday 15th December 2014. My heart goes out to them all for the loss of Lindt Manager, Mr Tori Johnson a nd Barrister at Law, Ms Katrina Dawson. The Sims 4™ Sim: SYDNEY MARTIN by Thomas J Chee (TheReds) c.2014 Gender: Female Age: Young Adult Culture: Chinese Australian Mixed Traits: Good, Creative, Foodie, Essence of Flavor Aspirations: Master Mixologist Sydney Martin is a fictional character created by Thomas J Chee. Any similarities between this creation and any other Sim creation, fictional character or any person, living or deceased is purely coincidental.  

TS4 Sim: Ysolde par Nicole (Cedric13)