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TS 4 Fashion: Sims 4 Toddler Collection for Boys and Girls Set 2 by Hoppel785

TS4 SIM: Elsa par Nicole (Cedric13)

jeune adulte

TS 4 Art Painting Collection by Hoppel785

TS4 SIM: Cathelyn par Nicole (Cédric13)

TS4 Sim: Charli by Thomas J Chee (TheReds Studio)

The Sims 4™ Sim: Charli by Thomas J Chee (TheReds Studio) c.2018
Gender: Female
Age: Teen
Culture: Mixed
Traits: Essence of Flavor, Cheerful, Dance Machine.
Aspirations: Master Mixologist.

Charli is a fictional character created by Thomas J Chee. Any similarities between this creation and any other Sim creation, fictional character or any person, living or deceased is purely coincidental.

TS4 Sim: Nicole par Nicole(Cedric13)

TS4 Objects: Old Rugs2 and Old Wooden Floors by Hoppel785