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TS3 Sim :Ondine par Nicole Cedric13

jeune adulte


Babel Sims have a The Sims 3™ Fan Group where you can post your game screenshots and share your CC creations and finds. Ask a question or answer one. But have some fun with us as we journey with the Sims.

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TS3 Sim: Sue Lin par Nicole Cedric13

TS3 Lot: Vista Celestial by Thomas J Chee (TheReds)

TS3 Lot: Vista Celestial by Thomas J Chee (TheReds) c.2014
Type: Residential Lot
Lot Size: 25x15
Style: Modern
Floors: Three levels (stair well) + Single level living
Features: All-glass on three sides with Skylights.
Furnished: Yes

TS4 Sim: Titania La fée par Nicole Cedric13

jeune Adulte
genre fée

TS4 Sim: Chen Li par Nicole (Cédric13)

Jeune Adulte 

TS4 Sim: Lili Rose par Nicole (Cedric13)

Jeune Adulte

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