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Babel Sims: Two Year Anniversary

Written by Thomas J Chee (TheReds Studio).

A little over two years ago, a group of friends on Facebook got together in a chat session and we talked about our recent history of creating Sims and Lots for The Sims 3™ game.

We had all been Members of BTB Sims, a website hosted by MartyP, a great Mentor and friend. The site was dedicated to serving the community with wonderful works of creations for the game. Some other great Artists were at the forefront of this website and we had the rare privilege of sitting under their wing and being encouraged to grow and develop. But the BTB Sims website closed and we were all encouraged to create our own Blogs. It was a bit like leaving the nest and being encouraged to spread our wings and fly, for the very first time.

I remember recognizing that a few of us shared a common interest and also a passion to support each other and share each others creations on our own Facebook timelines. So it was a benefit that we leverage the power of our own strengths and join together to jointly promote each other. In our group chat, I had proposed the idea of this marketing strategy and together we began to formulate the basic framework that you now see as Babel Sims.

In two years, we have remained steady in our purpose of being a collective group of Artists. Although the Membership has changed and several people have inevitably come and gone, the purpose has remained an unselfish purpose to promote and leverage each others strengths.

Perhaps at some risk, I will now take a moment to set aside opinions and emotions to recognize the few Members of Babel Sims who have departed from us and have gone their own way. You may be gone, but I sincerely miss you all and remember the moments of time that we shared together. Wherever you are out there in the Sims Community: I pray your greatest success and happiness, from the very honest depths of my heart.

I will respect our current Members and not mention the names from the past, but you know who you are. And on the odd chance that any of you are reading this, then know that no matter what, I thank you for being a part of this collective and for helping make this possible.

For all our current Members of Babel Sims: Nicole (Cedric13); Sima (Amis); Rosa (Rosah21); Selena (Population Sims) and Silvy (Hoppel785), I want to thank you all so much for your diligent and wonderful work. I still become so emotionally moved when I look at how you all grow and develop. In all of your work I see progression and artistry. A finesse that is a hallmark of what the community has come to expect from Babel Sims.
 You are a part of the reason why many people enjoy this game, far beyond what the Developers at EA have given to us all as a Base Game. I pray that we all continue to remember where we all have come from and what we have achieved together in our common passion for The Sims™. All my hopes and dreams are for your happiness and enjoyment. The greatest peace and joy be with you always. No pressure of demand or expectations of performance. Just continue to play as you wish to play and be all that you want to be. My love to each of you, my great friends and creative partners.

Finally to all of our Followers and Visitors:
Making Sims; Lots and Custom Content is always a privilege and a great joy. Yes, it is hard work. There are no real tutorials on how to do any of it. Certainly nothing that is comprehensive and exhaustive. Each of us at Babel Sims has learned so much over time to bring these creations to you so that you may enjoy the game beyond what is available from the Developers. Like any "Simmer", you may have wishes or desires to be an Artist and create your own work. We hope that you would. Everything starts with inspiration. People like MartyP; MargeH75; Pralinesims and Devirose were parts of my own inspiration. And I hope that in some small way that we at Babel Sims have been able to encourage you to enjoy our work, but also to inspire you to find your own creative flair, within you.

We thank you for your support and for following what we do here. We've not been always so regular in our production of new creations, but I hope each time you visit, that you would see something that you may want for your game and enjoy the fun of playing.

Two years is not a long time, in the Sims Community. But we hope it remains for a long time to come. From all of us at Babel Sims, we wish you all great gaming and pleasure.

Much love to you all!

Thomas, Nicole, Sima, Rosa, Selena, Silvy
The Babel Sims Team